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Digitized.World: a contribution to the discourse on shaping Digital Humanism.

Aware that this is to be understood as a challenge, we rely on commitment in the context of lectures and discussions at colleges of higher education, universities and other institutions, on participation in network policy and data protection events and publishing on relevant topics – because the actions we take today , determine the world in which we are going to live tomorrow.

at the start of our series: Ethik in einer digitalisierten Welt (german)Paradoxe Welt der Netzwerke

In preparation:
Ethics in a Digitized World (english) Publication Series
Abenteuer in Digitized World (subject-related E-book Comic Series german)
Adventures in a Digitized World (subject-related E-book Comics Series)

If you like to make a contribution to the topics of digitization / society / ethics / technological consequences, we are looking forward to hearing from you 😉
If you have written texts or papers on these topics, we would be happy to talk to you about inclusion in a publication, of course at no cost to you as the author.